longarm pricing
basic$3.00 per sq ft
custom$3.25 to $5.75 per sq ft
show worthy$6.00 per sq ft and up
finishing pricing
make, attach and machine finish binding$1.50 per ft
make and attach binding to be hand finished$1.25 per ft
attach and machine finish binding$1.25 per ft
attach binding$1.00 per ft

now for the rest of the details…

you provide your completed quilt top, quilt batting and quilt backing (batting and backing both at least 2" wider on all sides) and i do the quilting.  the additional inches are needed on the backing and batting to allow it to be mounted on the longarm rollers and to ensure the design can be carried right to the edge of your quilt.

all my designs are hand guided.  i do not use templates or computer assisted patterns.  my designs are fun and whimsical.  anything i can draw i can quilt and i always enjoy creating one of a kind designs, after all your quilt is unique and should reflect that. i quilt names, quotes, sayings, song lyrics or poems... anything really...  

my turnaround time is 4 to 6 weeks however if you require the quilt quickly, for a wedding or birthday party, i can accommodate.  i do understand all too well what it is like to create a quilt under short notice, usually my own!  rush quilt jobs do carry an additional charge depending on the size of the quilt and how fast you need it.