plum pud

…so because I have nothing else to do (two weeks until Christmas)… I decided to make two additional designs to go with the christmas gingerbread cookie posted last week.  This week is a wee plum pud.  I have made this design in some form for years and years, as a felt tree ornament, or crocheted tree ornament or as a table mat…

This is the second of three christmas baked goods I will be posting here on my blog…. How cute would it be to make a table runner featuring all three??? Not that I don’t have enough to do already 😛

reminder: this is an ideal project to quilt on your domestic sewing machine.



fat eighth (9 x 21″) each of two shades plum fabric

fat eighth brown… pudding

fat eighth white… icing

scraps red and green… cherry and leaves

15″ square of backing

15″ square of batting

fabric for binding – approx 2 w.o.f. cut at 2 1/2″ wide


step 1: Cut two 6 ½” squares of lighter plum and two 6 ½” of darker plum


step 2: Sew into a simple 4 patch block…  Your block should be approximately 12 ½” square unfinished


step 3: I choose fusible applique for quick projects like this… draw template pieces onto the paper side of your fusible; fuse pattern pieces onto the appropriate fabrics; cut out on the drawn line; fuse to the four patch block using the picture as a guide

Note that for the leaves, cut one whole leaf in each colour of green, then cut along the centre line and switch each… this will give you two toned leaves 🙂 I made four two toned leaves for this pud, but only ended up using three.

Also note: you may also applique by hand, in this case add a ¼” around each template piece to allow for turning under


step 4: Sandwich your quilt and choose your quilting thread… I chose a soft lilac which would show against the dark background but not too much on the white icing


step 5: Using the lines of the pieced four patch as a guide, quilt a grid over the entire piece.  I often do my quilting by eye however my eye is not perfect.  This time I used a line of masking tape to guide my walking foot for the first few quilting lines, particularly as I was quilting over the applique and could not easily see the seam lines to guide me.  Once I have a few nice even lines I can continue to quilt off those. I have learned that one wonky line will wonkify the entire piece!

Quilt on each side of the 4 patch seam, place edge of quilting foot along the seam line, using tape or mark quilt top if needed

Add more quilt lines on each side of the original guidelines, quilt lines uneven distance apart for a pleasing all over plaid like pattern. Quilting on a domestic machine does not have to be hard, start with something simple. As your confidence increases so will your skill.

step 6: Trim to 12” square


step 7: Bind as you choose.  Remember to add a small hanging sleeve or hanging corners to the back of your plum pud so that it may be hung on a door or wall.



plum pud templates