nimono (煮物) is a simmered dish in Japanese cuisine

a nimono generally consists of a base ingredient simmered in shiru stock flavored with sake, soy sauce, and a small amount of sweetening. other than sake and soy sauce, the stock can be further flavored by mirin, sugar, salt, vinegar, miso, or other condiments.

i brainstorm in fabric… this project began as a simple exercise in my #MATSbootcamp2019 class… if you have not encountered the delights of Make Art That Sells i encourage you to give them a visit. as someone who is equal parts inspired and distracted, i appreciate the guidance of Lila Rogers and Margot Tantau and everyone at MATS.

in this MATS class we were exploring the concept of wabi sabi and i decided to see what a bowl of nimono (something i had never heard of before) would look like in fabric… this was the result

i loved it

a few months later when i needed something to create with aurifil cotton floss, i thought of this image… fairly quick to stitch, make the pattern up as i go, how hard can it be?

next step was picking the colours from the aurifil colour card which is my favourite part… though i really should have picked a more deep purple shade for the bowl *sigh*

and then receiving my thread mail! one of the best kinds of mail… Pearl is always there to help me out

i kept the design small, worked on the pattern as i went, beginning with the delicate cut carrots, then the snow peas and working out from there. creating a cross stitch design from scratch is not quite as simple as i thought it would be and time got away from me. my cross stitch is not yet complete and i am fine with that… as in all of the thread arts, the journey is the most enjoyable part, stitch by stitch by stitch.

here are some images of my process to date with some explanations as to what exactly you are looking at, in case it is not clear. working with the Aurifil floss has been delightful, the small spools are perfectly lovely and a nice change from floss on cardboard 😉 please check back or follow me on Instagram to see when my itty bitty nimono bowl is done!

two decorative carrot slices and two snow peas


some itty bitty potatoes


a slice of lotus root


outlining broth and bowl



filling things in