mid mod shoo fly – part one

i love mid century modern design…

recently when i was asked to participate in pbstudios #madaboutsolids2018, i could not help but choose colours inspired by the mid century aesthetic

these are the colours I picked… my intention was to make one design with a white background and one with a black, to see how the colours played off each



once i received the fabric i knew it would be perfect for a block that i had designed for my steeltown mod squad challenge… to take a traditional block and give it a modern twist

i love the simplicity of the shoofly block so i modified the design and came up with this, it reminded me of the atomic designs of the mcm:

so much potential from a simple block!


each block measures 14 1/2″ square unfinished; 14″ square finished



here are the cutting instructions for one block

(you will have to tackle some math to calculate multiple blocks)


A is background

B is shoofly


cut the following:

A1 square @ 6 ½”

A: 4 squares @ 4 ½”

A: 3 rectangles @ 4 ½ x 6 ½

B: 2 squares @ 2 ½”

B:  2 squares @ 4 ½”

B: 1 rectangle 6 ½ x 4 ½


once you are finished you will have something like this for your block



my next blog post will be the instructions for assembling the block… it’s not particularly tricky just a lot of steps!