conquer the buttonhole!

I have been sewing since I was 16 and still I am nervous when faced with a buttonhole… even though every time I try it again I wonder why I was so worried in the first place!

here we are again at the same “oh no a buttonhole!” place… this time I am determined to embrace the ease of creating a buttonhole on my Janome S7!

the following are instructions for a reusable cup cozy… and they have proved so popular I have been asked to make more than one, which leads to a continued practice of making buttonholes!


cut one inner fabric, one outer fabric and one batting using the template

then trace cupcake icing, cupcake base and heart onto fusible, press onto fabric and cut shapes out, set aside

(template PDF below)


coffee cozy templates


layer sleeve parts as follows: batting, outer fabric right side up, inner fabric right side down… note that these layers are in a different order than the layers shown above for the cutting instructions! make sure the layers are in the order below before sewing


starting at the bottom of the sleeve, stitch all the way around the outside at approximately ¼ inch and leave an opening of about 2 inches on the bottom edge; snip off excess at the corners; flip sleeve right sides out; press flat… you may have to encourage the opening to flip to the inside 


topstitch around all edges of the sleeve at a scant ¼”


a few tips when faced with what looks like a crazy contraption…

breathe… make sure you read and follow the instruction booklet

breathe… remember to put the fabric between the top metal guide and the bottom metal guide (I did this incorrectly a few times)

remember that the buttonhole starts at the bottom

breathe… have a test sandwich ready (a quilt sandwich, though a snack to settle your nerves may not be amiss) and run through a few practice buttonholes

let the machine do the work… breathe again and… done!

use your seam ripper to open the buttonhole and snip any extra wayward threads

what a lovely buttonhole 🙂

next fuse the cupcake to the centre front of the sleeve, and fuse the heart beside the buttonhole… the picture below shows the placement… 

at this point you can add some quilting to the sleeve if you like

and … NOW you can sew on the button


not so bad after all 😛

coffee cozy templates