canadian campfire nights

when it is summer in Canada there is one thing that many of us share… spending time outside, whether in our backyard, local park or camping site, in a tent, cabin or cottage, these usually include a campfire where we gather together and share stories.

this pattern captures the magic of those canadian campfire nights… i hope you enjoy making it as much as i did designing it.

i chose to use awesome Aurifil thread for piecing and machine quilting, the brightness of the colours work well with this simple design.

12 wt is perfect for a bolder machine quilting, with 50 wt in the bobbin and i used 40 wt for the regular piecing and straight line quilting.

Aurifil 12 wt

Aurifil 40 wt

my thread assistant Pearl

now to get to the pattern…

the background is made of eight (8) 10” log cabin blocks, each with a bright yellow centre, set 2 x 4, please note the project finishes at 20 x 40”.


materials you will need:

3 half yards of colours of blue for the night sky – you may also choose to make the log cabins scrappier and use a wider selection of fabrics

scraps of golden yellow for the stars

2 fat eighths orange for the fire (you can also use red, yellow etc…)

1 fat eighth brown for log and sticks

assorted scraps for the moon, stars, marshmallows, log ends

3/4 yard fabric for backing; 1/2 yard fabric for binding


for your log cabin blocks, please cut the following:

qty. (8)  2 ½” square gold

qty. (8)  2 ½” square blue 1

qty. (8)  2 ½” x  4½” blue 1

qty. (8)  2 ½” x  4½” blue 2

qty. (8)  2 ½” x  6½” blue 2

qty. (8)  2 ½” x  6½” blue 3

qty. (8)  2 ½” x  8½” blue 3

qty. (8)  2 ½” x  8½” blue 4

qty. (8)  2 ½” x  10½” blue 4

components for your 10 /2″ (unfinished) log cabin block



create 8 log cabin blocks

piece together into the background in a 2 x 4 pattern

sandwich the background with batting and backing

quilt with a straight line grid and add some free form stars with 12 wt thread, i also added smaller stitched stars to highlight the appliqued ones as you will see in the final picture.



applique pieces to background using your preferred method and begin with the small flames, the log, log ends, large centre flame, sticks, marshmallows, moon and stars, i used fusible applique

i chose to finish my applique by machine with Aurifil 12wt thread and 50 wt bobbin and i set the stitch size up (3.0) and used a larger needle.

trim and bind your quilt and make sure you add a small hanging sleeve to the back at the same time I was attaching the binding, in case you want to hang campfire nights.

this quilt looks particularly cute hung from a foraged stick… the kind you would use to roast marshmallows with!

enjoy your campfire nights… summer is so short and sweet for us in Canada, we must embrace every moment 🙂