curiousmePicture this if you will… sunny June day, too beautiful to be inside an office, commuting to an office regardless.  On the way to work I see a car accident and I think to myself... well at least I am not that guy, he is having a really bad day.   I get to work late, drop my purse on my desk and I am whisked away to the main boardroom… to find out I am losing my job.  Yup.  Still can’t write that without my stomach dropping… if this has happened to you, and it has to a lot of us, then you know exactly what I am talking about.

Unusual way to start About Me?  Sure… but it is the reason I am here.

I slowly recovered from the above scenario, which took some time and it eventually occurred to me maybe this is not the end of the world, perhaps this is an opportunity to do what I wanted to do.  To make, to create, which are as natural to me as breathing, and to start my own business. I remember thinking it could not be too hard, rocket science, brain surgery and all that.  Wowza was I wrong !

However in spite of the challenges, or perhaps because of them… I have made it this far, building my wings on the way down, constantly adapting, learning and experimenting only to find I knew how to fly all along.

I took my limitless curiosity and endless creativity and made Ginger Quilts.  I have been quilting for nearly 20 years and making things for the sheer delight it brings since I could first wield a pair of scissors… I was born to be a redheaded (hence Ginger) crafting super hero, or should that be heroine!

In closing… I have been a crafter since before crafting was cool. You make it, they will come… and here you are.  Why not sit back and take a look around? Let me know if there is anything you need…