“when i grow up i want to be an artist…”

my story goes something like this… once upon a time, i avoided showing my drawings and art to others, most often the response was “oh that’s so cute!” and for some silly reason i thought this was a bad thing, or at the very least made my work less valid.  happily i recently came to the understanding that if my art is cute, if it makes people smile, then that is more than valid and most probably what our world needs 🙂

you will find that my work is cute, crazy and creative… i believe ANYTHING can be a quilt… a ramen bowl, Japanese sweets, turkey platter, Christmas cake - see what i mean? food is also a passion of mine, food is art too!

i believe inspiration is everywhere... i keep a sketchbook in my backpack in which i jot down ideas or draw quick sketches.  when an image, pattern or design catches my eye I immediately wonder, “can I draw that?” and a quick second thought is “how do I quilt that?”

sort of funny how it has taken me this long to accept my own creativity and my purpose as an artist… when i grow up i want to be an artist… but of course i do, i can't be anything else!