Welcome to Ginger Quilts !

What do I do you ask?

I create unique, artisan quilts.  I would love to collaborate with you in the creation of a custom quilt, taking into consideration your home’s design, decor and the story you want to tell.  

I offer hand guided longarm quilting and finishing services to the quilt hobbyist.  My designs are whimsical and unique and can include script... a name, date, quote or words to a song or poem. These additions capture the individuality of you, the quilt artist, as well as the lucky quilt recipient.

I teach quilt classes ranging from beginner to experienced. These include classes in which you learn the basics of quilt construction to those where you explore your own ideas of quilt design.  Quilting is a place to play, be curious and explore your creativity.  Yes I do believe we are all creative, some simply need a sharing space in which to reconnect.

I truly believe in our common need to tell our stories, and quilting offers the perfect way to do this… through fabric.  Whether creatively working with you in the creation of your quilt, by adding a name or quote to your longarm quilting design, or helping you find your creative self in a class, I look forward to meeting and sharing in this delightful creative process with you.