so happy you found ginger quilts ! this is the place where i can share with you the things i love to create.

i make whimsical quilts and "quiltlets" as i like to call them... and patterns so that you can create them too. you will find links to my etsy shop under the designs tab above.  

i offer hand guided longarm quilting and finishing services...  my designs are playful and often include script, a name, a date, a quote or words to a song or poem. these additions capture the individuality of you, the quilt artist and yes we are all quilt artists! choose the quilting tab above to learn more.

i teach quilt classes ranging from beginner to experienced... including classes in which you learn the basics of quilt construction to those where you explore your own ideas of quilt design.  quilting is a place to play, be curious and explore creativity.  

i believe in our common need to create... quilting offers a wonderful way to do this, through fabric.